Social Sporting Limo

Getting your limo hire company involved in the community is a great way to get some free advertising and to get in touch with more potential customers. For example, sponsoring a local football team, or joining your chauffeurs and staff up to a social team can get your name and yourselves out where you need to be.

Most people know about limousine hire but they think of it as something abstract and out of their reach. Limo hire is something which is seen to be reserved for the rich and famous, or something to be enjoyed on your wedding day, or as a necessity at a loved one's funeral. However, by getting your limo hire company out there in the community, you are giving your industry, and your limo hire company in particular, a face and a personal touch which can easily lead to more potential passengers approaching you for a limousine ride.

In sponsoring or joining a local sporting team, your limo hire company name is on the score board, in the local sporting results page of the newspaper, not to mention on the back or front (or both), of your players' uniforms. Therefore, your business name is out there and it is given a human face, and if there are regular spectators of the sport, or even the other teams in your league, there are more people noticing your name.

Popular marketing belief is that people need to be exposed to your company name three times before they will remember and recall it when they need your services. Therefore, in becoming involved in a weekly sporting event, you are exposing your company name a lot, lot more than three times, to many, many times your usual advertising audience.

You are also reaching people who may not be in your ordinary advertising demographic, but in expanding your business name, you can do some unique networking for very little outlay.