Slow Limo Season Storage

You may not realise it, but limousine hire is often a seasonal business. There are wedding seasons, prom seasons, Christmas party seasons and for the rest of the year, the limo hire companies find they don't have much use for their full fleet of SUV party buses and super stretch limousines. Therefore, they will put some of their limo fleet into storage during slow times of the year, but that doesn't mean these limousines aren't still working.

Storing limousines can be expensive as they need to be in an enclosed garage, protected from the weather, and from vandalism and theft. However, to make the most of the limousines which are in storage, many limo hire companies will actually create a frontage and advertising on the building where their limos are being kept during the slow times.

This may be as simple as putting signage outside on the storage building, or depending on the location of the storage facility, it is also sometimes possible for the limo hire company to display their limousines and allow for potential customers to view their entire fleet. This is also a great way to get more street exposure as while a limo hire company will have their name and their advertising on their office building, they are also making the most of another, separate streetscape.

Finding a site where a limo hire company can safely store their fleet while they are not on the road is also a persuasive reason for them to move their entire operations there too. If there is an office space and a storage space, the limo hire company feels more secure in being on site with their limos, as well as having a bigger office space - since it incorporates the storage area too - and more opportunities to get their name out there.